Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekend Edition~Time for Planning!

This is the time of year that I start planning my planner for the next year. Last year, I put it off because of so many family obligations that were unplanned that sprung up. As a result, I rushed in June to make this years, and many misplacements, and even blank and backwards pages were put in! haha

So this year, I am starting early like I have done in years past.

This early in the year, I start by making a basic running list of what I want included in the planner. Later I will try to figure out the exact lay out and execution or where I place those pages in the planner.

So first this year, I have decided on a few small changes I would like however in both, and what I do like and want to keep with both aspects.

Cover art-not sure yet.

Inside cover I want to keep to this planner belongs to page.

I want to keep the attendance chart as the first page in the planner. I also want the homeschool planning schedule on the back of the attendance chart!

Right after the attendance, First put in the Curricula resource page, I think I want to put in a art like encouragement page on the back of the resource page. And a list of for homeschool play groups, and field trips, maybe also for reading books, and put those in for each 20 day segment.

Planning pages-love what I have.

Fruitage of the Spirit chart.

Bible Reading Schedule-both for Lela and the littles.

Pen Pals pages.

Give a hoot-password pages.

Library Resource pages.

Reading Log pages.

Book Resource list-design new.

A parent check list for field trips, would be awesome.

Field Trip Reference Chart, Field Trip Tracking Guide, enough field trip pages for 40 trips.

Field Service Tracking-may design my own.

Inside back cover-multiplication chart.

Outside back cover-choose art! - Maybe kids photos!

This is my basic plan for now... I will see how it comes together when I am done.

I also want to stress, I highly highly suggest reading Tina's homeschool planner suggestions. Really reading it. She has some of the very best suggestions that have made my planner much more user friendly and fun to use! Especially the spiral binding-I tried to save money the first year and use a 3 ring binder, and hated it... You can't bend back the cover, so it always has to be completely spread out, and it's heavier and harder to carry around, and just not as nice. I LOVE the really nicely, thick laminated front and back covers! LOVE! And having enough room to actually write in the planner!

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