Saturday, March 18, 2017

Weekend Edition~Homeschool Haul


This is most my haul this year from my local homeschool convention.

Basically a run down. Some things are new, some things are used, also a few things are not shown that I ordered from Rainbow Resource because it wasn't at their booth. And during the homeschool convention there is always free shipping. So I ordered Climbing to Good English for both Belle and Lela.

What I was able to buy directly from the Rainbow Resource booth was all three children's Pentime books, for hand writing, for next year. And two new Mad Libs books. One with some original mad libs classics, and one with Peanuts! We LOVE Peanuts so couldn't pass that up!

I was able to buy Belle one new learning through sounds workbook, and one used learning through sounds workbook. They are a 2 workbook set. Saved me about 1 dollar to buy the used one. They are pretty inexpensive to begin with though. (only 2 dollars and some change).

I was able to get two Pathways readers used. One for first grade, and I think one was for 6th grade. That saved about 2 to 3 dollars per a reader.

I bought one Rod and Staff math workbook for Lela used-again it is already inexpensive new, but it still saved me a little over a dollar. Then I bought both Lela and Belle's Rod and Staff workbooks for next year new. Which Rod and Staff was having a 10 percent off sale during the convention. (they usually do in the spring time).

I bought Lela a used Rod and Staff geography book. Saved me about 3 to 4 dollars cause it had a little irregularity in the cover.

I bought RJ a boy reading book new from Rod and Staff, looked pretty good in my flip through. It was inexpensive enough if it's not for us, I can probably trade it for something else later.

I also bought the Pablo Yoder books I have been wanting for a year! I bought two different ones. I still want to get one more of his next year. So happy to of bought, The Works of His Hands, and My Father's World this year though. And the children are adoring them. We will be using his books for science. Seriously though, they want to keep reading and reading and reading his books, they keep begging just one more, just one more mommy!

The Rod and Staff booth, also wanted to cut down on some of the things they bring to the convention so had a close out on those green reading books and workbooks you see in the photo. They were about 1/4 of their regular price. But, finally a book that seemed to have easy enough wording for Belle to get right now. I've been having a hard time finding one with enough easy words for her to read, yet have a story line, and not just be meaningless. So we are hoping that will be helpful.

So far, Belle is loving doing her new math workbooks, and the Learning Through Sounds workbooks are really really helping her. I am usually not much for workbooks, but these are inexpensive, non common core, and seem to help Belle make some progress with reading. Of course they both LOVE Pentime, and now RJ has been begging to do Pentime too!

I really enjoyed the Excellence In Writing workshop, where they had us go through a sample lesson our children would do in the program. I really think that is on next years wish list!

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